Leach Pottery Films and Videos

Here’s a round-up of some of the Leach Pottery films and videos available online, starting with present material and then historical footage.

Bernard Leach

Contemporary Footage

Sensory Trust Tea Party 2018 (1m 39s)

Christmas at the Leach 2017 (1m 28s)
A School Trip From Mashiko Japan 2017 (2m 35s)
Carson Culp – A Year At The Leach 2017 (3m 11s)
Feast & Flames – Leach Pottery 2017 (1m 53s)
Trailer – ‘How to Make A Teapot’ 2017 (44s)

Walking Impressions: Sensory Trust 2016 (3m 57s)
The Leach Pottery On Korean TV 2016
(3m 4s)
Leach Pottery ‘Fire It Up 2016’ (46s)
Leach Potters Throwing A Standard Ware Mug 2016 (3m 57s)

Fitch & McAndrew At The Leach Pottery 2015 (2m 6s)
Leach Pottery – St Ives Holidays 2015
(3m 36s)

Warren MacKenzie – Trailer For ‘An American Potter In St Ives’ 2014 (2m 41s)

Warren MacKenzie – ‘Memories Of The Leach Pottery’ 2013 (6m 49s)
Warren MacKenzie At The Leach Pottery 2013 (5m 22s)
Soda Firing At The Leach Pottery 2013 (5m 13s)
John Bedding – Lead Potter At Leach Pottery 2013 (6m 41s)
Britta Wengeler At The Leach Pottery 2013 (2m 45s)

Leach Pottery 2011 (4m 28s)

Ryoji Koie At The Leach Pottery 2010 (3m 15s)

The New Leach Pottery 2008 (2m 26s)

Seasalt Apprentice

Seasalt Leach Pottery Apprentice [Annabelle Smith] (1m 07s)
Seasalt Leach Pottery Apprenticeship: May 2017
[Callum Trudgeon] (41s)
Seasalt Bursary Apprentice: October 2016 (1m 50s)
Seasalt Bursary Apprentice: May 2016 (2m 10s)
Seasalt Bursary Apprentice 2015 (3m 16s)
Seasalt Bursary Apprentice: 2014/15 (2m 48s)

Discursive Footage

Emmanuel Cooper on Bernard Leach (48s)
Tanya Harrod on Bernard Leach (57s)
Oliver Watson on Bernard Leach (48s)

Historical Footage

A Potter’s World (22m 21s)
St Ives 1959 (1m 23s onwards)
The Leach Pottery 1952 (1m 58s)

We hope you enjoy this material – please get in touch if you new suggestions. Last updated: 28 February 2018.

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