Jessica Thorn: Plymouth in Practice

The new exhibition in our reception gallery features seven selected new makers and recent alumni of Plymouth College of Art, showcasing their rich and creative commitment to the material in a diverse collection of exciting new work. One of the students is Jessica Thorn. Taking inspiration from the aesthetics and forms of William Scott's still … Continue reading Jessica Thorn: Plymouth in Practice

David Bowie’s Leach Pots: Record-Breaking Prices!

Leach Tile: Detail

David Bowie’s collection of artworks went on sale at Sotheby’s on the 10th and 11th of November. Amongst the items up for auction were a vase and a small tile by Bernard Leach. The vase with a trademark brushwork design of a leaping salmon went for an astounding £32,500; the tile, with a brushwork pattern … Continue reading David Bowie’s Leach Pots: Record-Breaking Prices!